XO Salon Formula Shampoo for Extensions


Are you ready to treat your hair extensions to a truly luxurious experience? If so, salon formula shampoo, specifically designed for extensions is the ideal treatment. This shampoo has been enriched with a unique blend of nourishing botanicals, providing superior cleaning for your natural hair, as well as your extensions.



Keep Your Extensions Beautiful with Salon Formula Shampoo

The weightless formula offers shine and moisture, ensuring that the extensions remain manageable and hydrated. The shampoo works to remove sebum deposits, salt, and minerals that can build up around an extension and compromise the integrity of the strand. When the extensions remain fresh and clean, it will help to keep them in place much longer and provide for superior wearing ability. The shampoo has also been specially formulated to protect against environmental stressors and damaging UV rays that would otherwise dry out and damage the extensions.

If you are ready for beautiful, easy to manage extensions, then you will love what XO Salon Formula Shampoo for extensions has to offer. It will work to keep your hair looking vibrant and healthy, long after it would normally have to be replaced. The minimal investment for this shampoo is well-worth it since the extensions will last much longer.



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