Financing Hair Bundles Weave Financing

5 Min Solution To Financing Hair Bundles, Weave & Wigs

Looking for Financing Hair Bundles, Weave Financing? We have found this quick solution requiring NO credit check. Check this out…

Xo Health and Beauty Group a popular wholesale hair extensions company, Xo Health and Beauty Group, mentioned that they are now offering the option to finance your weave for hair stylist, Hair Salons and those who may be short on funds. The way it will work with Xo Health and Beauty Group, a leading hair extensions brand, is a customer can pay as little as $25 down (depending on their credit approval) and have the hair extensions shipped to them, while continuing to pay monthly installments for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months- until the hair is paid off. In order to participate the customer must be approved through the payment merchant (e.g. eData Capital, PayPal). Unlike those hidden fees that you may pay with retail credit cards, Xo Health and Beauty Group has no hidden fees with this program. However, you will have to pay an interest fee ranging between 10%-30%, depending on your credit. You may be wondering, “What’s the point?” This program allows customers to stretch out those payments over time if they really need the hair now, but don’t have cash or funds available to pay for it.