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Get the Most Professional Styling with Brazilian Hair Bundles

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Our hair goes a long way in helping us show off and express ourselves through physical appearance. It is one of the most flexible parts of the human body both literally and in terms of personal expression as it can be stylized in an endless amount of ways.

At XO Hair, our aim is to provide customers with the best hair extensions design meticulously handpicked from across the globe. These extensions come in a number of, textures and lengths depending on the desire of the customer. Of all the different hair extension types we have available at XO Hair, our Brazilian hair bundles are among the most popular. They not only work well with the requirements of different types of hair but are also very convenient to stylize. Our Brazilian hair bundles are taken from a single donor and are durable, tangle-less, and free from chemical alterations.

Crafted with Care

At XO Hair, our extensions are all from donor hair. When hair is received, it is first carefully screened it before it is accepted for further treatment and stylization. Once the hair has been accepted, various hair treatments are administered on the extensions to help retain its natural look. To give them a smart finish, there are teams of specialists who study growth patterns and craft extensions in ways that look absolutely natural.

Brazilian hair bundles are made in a variety of textures, ranging from natural wave and straight type to curly and deep wavy hair types. We pair the hair with a choice of extensions for putting them on, allowing you to wear XO Hair with skin weft extensions or clip-on extensions. For other necessities, there are options such as custom wigs too.

Professional Styling

Many people often envy their favorite celebrity's hairdo but might be unable to afford to have it, at XO Hair, we offer the same types of hair extensions availed at affordable prices. There are various offers that you can take advantage of. With our buy two get one free offer, you can have the opportunity to acquire great hair and install extensions for yourself and maybe spread the love to a dear, fashion-conscious friend.

The Best Styling Experience

For the best hairstyling experience of your life, visit our XO, remember along with amazing hair extensions, we offer hair care maintenance products for sale to help you preserve your extensions for a longer period of time.