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Find the Highest Quality Malaysian Straight Hair Extensions at XO Hair Salons

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For discerning customers, every aspect of style must always be of the highest quality. From makeup to accessories, nothing but the best will do. This is why our Malaysian straight hair extensions are the best and an amazing option to go for when it comes to sporting an easy-to-maintain hairstyle which blends into your high-fashion look. With a wide range of lengths available for even the most particular customer, XO Hair caters to everyone, from the teenager to the mature buyer!

All-Around High Quality

Great customer service and reasonable prices make XO Hair the favorite extension destination for a wide range of customers. For dedicated hair extension users, only the best hair and service will do.

At XO Hair, we stand second to no other when it comes to providing the best customer service and extensions for our discerning customers. We have a wide range of styles available, including the ever-popular Malaysian straight hairstyle. Customers can choose from other popular styles in our range of extensions, such as Brazilian, Mongolian, and Peruvian styles, each of which is constructed out of industry standard hair of the highest quality, which offers maximum durability and versatility in terms of its ability to be styled as per the customer's choice.

In terms of hair extension services, we also provide other products and services relating to wigs, shampoo, conditioner, styling products, and various sprays. We remain the top choice for fashion forward customers in multiple states. We are constantly striving to provide the best discounts and deals to our customers, and it is customary to find at least a few sales and package deals which will enable them to get more products and services for less.


The art of adding the right shade and quality of hair extensions to one's original hair requires a careful pre-application consultation, with your stylist of choice. We then carefully ship the hair worldwide for you to be able to achieve your perfect look.

The Importance of Aftercare

Maintenance is important for people with hair extensions. A number of brands pride themselves in providing mid-range hair extensions, but none provides aftercare service and products like we do at XO Hair. For XO hair extensions and units we only recommended products to ensure a high-quality finish and maintenance. From recommending compatible hair extensions to guiding customers when it comes to selecting a type of extension, such as our Malaysian straight hair, our qualified and experienced customer service team will help you with the selection, and aftercare advising tips from start to finish.